Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada


         On May 8th, security state forces of the fascist Ukrainian government forced their way into the home of Petro Simonenko, leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine, destroying the front entrance and contents over the strenuous objections to what was a vicious and unlawful attack.  At the same time, the offices of the Communist Party of Ukraine were also unlawfully attacked and occupied.  It appears likely that the fascist government intends to arrest Simonenko on trumped up charges in the next few days.


The attack on Petro Simonenko and the CPU is the latest in a long series of violent attacks on the Communist Party of Ukraine, its leaders and members, and is part of the Ukrainian government’s goal to obliterate the labour, democratic, civil, social and political rights of the Ukrainian people.   Since the coup d’etat in 2014, Nazism and fascism in Ukraine have become a state ideology. Nazi collaborators are declared heroes, in honor of Nazi SS units, celebrations are organized and commemorative medals and stamps are issued. But communists are persecuted and attacked.


         The role of the Canadian government and of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in particular in protecting and defending these monstrous actions by the fascist government of Ukraine via a massive public disinformation campaign in Canada is disgraceful.


         It is mirrored in the Canadian government’s disinformation campaign against the Maduro government in Venezuela, aimed to discredit the results of the forthcoming elections May 20th, and to create the conditions for imperialist intervention to overthrow the Maduro government in the likely event it is re-elected on May 20th. This campaign is also being led by Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, and the “Lima Group” created and funded by US imperialism.


         Freeland’s involvement in these campaigns is perhaps not so surprising in view of the fact that her grandfather was a Nazi collaborator in Poland during World War II. The proliferation of this factual information, condemned as a smear by PM Trudeau, was the reason given by the PM for the expulsion of four Russian diplomats earlier this year.  


         The government’s continuing support for Ukraine’s fascist government and its vicious and escalating attacks on labour, democratic and political organizations including the CPU, suggests the Liberals are content to defend Ukrainian fascism if its target is the Communist Party and the obliteration of socialism in Ukraine.


         If this isn’t the case the Prime Minister should immediately condemn the violent attacks on Petro Simonenko and the Communist Party of Ukraine, and condemn the fascist government of Ukraine installed by coup d’etat in 2014.


         The Prime Minister should also end the government’s vicious campaign against the Venezuelan government and the May 20 elections in Venezuela, and respect the decision of the Venezuelan people.


Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada


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