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Announcing its plans for rotating strikes, CUPW said the locations and intensity will depend on Canada Postís actions at the bargaining table. The union points out to its members that "after over 10 months of negotiations and despite our efforts to resolve key issues, the parties are still far apart on many of your demands."

CUPW lists a series of key demands that have not been resolved, including: wage increases above the rate of inflation; improvements to Group 1 Staffing; job security; reduce overburdening for letter carriers; one-bundle delivery; protection of bargaining unit work; and improvements to the company's short-term disability plan (STDP).

The union is also seeking important improvements for RSMCs (rural and suburban mail carriers), such as post-retirement benefits, pay for all hours worked, minimum guaranteed hours, ending the obligation of RSMCs to find a replacement for their own absences, and to be paid directly by Canada Post when on work-related accidents.

Health and safety remains a vital bargaining issue for CUPW, which points out that the injury rate at Canada Post is the highest of all federal industries, and 5.4 times higher than the average of the federal sector. During the last four years there have been 30,774 injuries to CUPW members. Of these 14,751 were disabling injuries. One out of every 12 workers at Canada Post experienced a disabling injury in 2017.

While management agrees that "more work must be done" to improve this record, the union says, "when it comes to action, management wants to do nothing" and that "when it comes to choosing between profits and the health of employees, management chooses profits." 


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