Excerpts from a speech by Nino Pagliccia at the Vancouver Peace Council's "Hands off Yemen" picket, Sat., Nov. 3 at the office of federal Liberal justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould:


"The Canadian government, through the questionable actions and values of the foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland, speaks of a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela - where there is none – and ignores, condones and rather endorses Saudi Arabia in the making of one of the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen!

"...Saudi Arabia is at best a feudal entity. This is an entity that belongs to a single family: the Saud family. That’s where the name Saudi Arabia comes from. That might explain why Saudi Arabia is friends with another entity, the “Israeli" entity, which by the way, is also committing crimes in the Middle East against the Palestinians...

"So here you have it. Here you have Canada’s close friends in the Middle East. Then of course there is the Ukraine and the United States. One might conclude that Canadian foreign policy supports feudalism, Zionism, fascism, and imperialism. Those are the Canadian government’s values for you! None of those values supports Peace.

Those are warmongering ideologies by definition and practice.

"We are told that breaking the contract with the Saudis – a secret contract signed by the Harper government of which nobody knows the details - will cost Canadians millions of taxpayers’ dollars. But Trudeau is willing to spend millions of taxpayers’ dollars to nationalize Kinder Morgan – not to benefit workers, but to benefit corporations - and by doing so jeopardize the environment, and against the will of First Nations. That’s where wrong foreign policy meets wrong domestic policy...

"The Canadian working class wants jobs that promote peace NOT war. The Canadian working class does not want to be part of the suffering and deaths of children in Yemen or elsewhere. Forcing workers to manufacture weapons is tantamount to forcing the working class to be slaves to the master, or to bribing workers to be part of a criminal activity."


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