(People's Voice Editorial)


Every year, People’s Voice is distributed to delegates at dozens of conferences and conventions. This issue will be circulated at a particularly significant event – the 39th Central Convention of the Communist Party of Canada, which marks its 98th birthday later in May. No other organization has given such consistent support to our working class press, which first appeared in print in 1922 as The Worker, by decision of the Workers’ Party of Canada, as the CPC was known in its early years.


That decision reflected the view of the Communists that winning the working class for revolutionary change required coordinated ideological and educational efforts, not spontaneity. The Worker and its many successor publications, on a Canada-wide basis and in several provinces, combined a solid revolutionary outlook with an astonishing range of coverage of local struggles by trade unions, unorganized workers, women, Indigenous peoples, students, anti-war movements and many other groups fighting for peace, equality, democracy and labour rights. The content was always largely written by self-trained worker-correspondents, and published by a skeleton crew of staffers who often had to scramble to raise funds to print and mail each issue. Through all the ups and downs of the decades since 1922, clubs of the Communist Party were the backbone of support for these newspapers, which were often suppressed or banned at the same time as the CPC itself.


Of course, change is inevitable, and print publications like People’s Voice increasingly use social media and digital strategies to reach larger numbers of readers. But one constant factor is the revolutionary slogan featured on the front page of this newspaper since our first issue in 1993, in French, Plains Cree, and English: “Proletaires de tous les pays, unissez-vous! Otatoskewak kitaskinakh mamawentotan! Workers of all lands unite!”

Greetings and best wishes to CPC delegates as the 39th Convention begins.


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