People's Voice Editorial


The next federal election on October 21, and the deepening crisis of climate change is forcing every political party, large and small, to address the question of "who owns the planet" in some way. The various answers revealing the fundamental views of parties about the nature of our world. For the two big business parties which act as governing cliques of the Canadian state, the answer is actually quite similar: big capital is the rightful owner of the planet. The Liberals and Conservatives differ mainly over the best tactics to maintain ownership of wealth and power in the hands of big business.


For other important parties in Canada today -  the NDP and the Greens - the underlying assumption tends to be that for the good of the planet and the environment, big corporations must surrender some of their enormous power and control.


The Communist Party of Canada will campaign for wide-ranging measures to tackle the climate crisis and to advance the interests of working people. The CPC's fundamental belief is that human survival ultimately depends on retaking ownership of the planet from the grip of private capital. It's a point seriously worth thinking about as you weigh up the candidates in your riding.


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