WFTU: Amazon forest fires “an organized crime”

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), representing 97 million affiliated workers in 130 countries, has condemned the forest fires in the Amazon and squarely placed responsibility on capitalist expansion.

“The catastrophe in the ‘green lung of the planet’, as well as the consequences for the Indigenous peoples and thousands of species of flora and fauna of the region is not a coincidence, but an organized crime, a plan encouraged and stimulated by the big capital and the Brazilian government that continues to implement with more intensity the harmful policies for the environment of the previous social democratic governments. Its goal is to illegally deforest land for livestock and agriculture, delivering virgin forests to transnationals for biofuels, illegal logging and mining.”

The WFTU demands the immediate measures aimed at protection, compensation and reforestation, as well as “the prohibition of business activities in the region.”

As a union movement that is firmly oriented on class struggle, the WFTU clearly links the climate and environmental crisis with the expansion of capitalism.

“We call on the peoples and workers of the countries of the Amazon to intensify their struggle for the protection of the environment, which is also a struggle against the capitalist system that generates poverty policies, environmental catastrophes and crimes against the peoples of the world.”

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