With Toronto's municipal election less than three months away (October 22), a popular labour and community activist has thrown her hat into the ring as a candidate for School Trustee in Ward 4.


Announcing her campaign, Helen Kennedy said, "I have lived in Ward 4 for over 50 years. I have seen our community grow from an outpost of the City of Toronto to the vibrant and dynamic neighbourhoods we have today. I fought for more funding and curriculum supports when my children were at Topcliff PS, Derrydown PS, Elia JH and CW Jeffreys SS. Now, our public education system is in crisis. The current funding formula has major flaws. Our schools are in disrepair. I believe our community has the power to organize and build a solid foundation for future generations. My experience in equity education, curriculum development and youth leadership combined with my knowledge of the community and my skill as an organizer, make me the best candidate to represent Ward 4."


Kennedy's campaign is based on the view that "strong schools mean healthy communities."


A graduate of Yorkwoods PS, Oakdale Jr High, and Westview SS, she is the mother of five children who went through public schools in the city, and the grandmother of six (two in Grade 1, and three in junior kindergarten).


Kennedy was a Community Worker with over 30 years experience, and has a BA from Western University, and an MA at York University. She has been a leading figure in Yorkwoods Parent Council, Jane-Finch Tenant Council, Topcliff Daycare, and North York Fights Back!


Currently she is a Labour Education Facilitator/Trainer with CUPE, and co-chairs Toronto's Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts. She is the former President of CUPE Toronto; co-chaired the CUPE National Women’s Committee; and was Secretary of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council.


Check out the campaign online, at https://www.facebook.com/helen.kennedy.3517563.


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